Support the film production of "Abdo & Saneya"  directed by Omar Bakry image

Support the film production of "Abdo & Saneya" directed by Omar Bakry

​"Abdo & Saneya," a groundbreaking, multicultural tale of love, struggle, and hope​, is seeking support for the final stages of production.

$1,185 raised

$50,000 goal

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Abdo & Saneya is a labor of love that has been humbly struggling towards the finish line. Our aim from inception was to make a film that is organic, unique, and from the heart. The film has been in production for 4 years, growing bit by bit. During this journey, we have also been growing as filmmakers and professionals. A journey of hard work, perseverance, and discipline that led to great things such as shooting overseas.

Abdo & Saneya is a creatively ambitious film with a solid team working behind it.
Creatively - Abdo & Saneya is a one of a kind multicultural silent black and white film. A pantomime opera that will have a full middle eastern/western musical score composed by Egyptian composer Mohamed Nawara, tells a tale of love, struggle, and hope.

Written and directed by Egyptian multi-faceted artist Omar Bakry, Abdo & Saneya combines old-style magical filmmaking with modern-day gritty cinema to tell the story of an immigrant Egyptian peasant couple who are left to survive in the U.S.A without language or any notion of modern American life. The rest of the team includes Egyptian cinematographer Tarek Hefny, whose work has been featured internationally and theater actress Inji El Gammal who was recently awarded Best Actress in the New York Theatre Festival, as well as Canadian producer Jaselle Martino, whose films have been celebrated at international and local festivals. Our Egyptian Co-Producer Hani Eskander worked through his local film company, Drifter Films, to make the Egypt shoot possible.

Your generosity will allow this important work to continue at a time when productive, positive dialogue between the Middle East and the United States is critical.

--The Abdo & Saneya team